How can I bid at your auction?  

We have many ways you can bid with us!                                                      

  • Online- Download our App!  After you download this quick, easy to use app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, you are able to easily bid from anywhere at any time
  • Phone- We provide phone bidding for many of our auctions. If you are interested in phone bidding, we recommend you call early to set up your bid.  
  • Absentee- We will be happy to bid on your behalf.  Contact us in advance to let us know which item(s) you are interested in and the maximum amount for your bid.  As the auction proceeds, one of our staff members will use your predetermined guidelines to bid for you. 
  • Live- Come join us at the auction! There is nothing in the world like being at a live auction. An auction is an exciting event and a fun way to spend the day or evening. It’s a family friendly environment with interesting items and interesting people.


What information do I need to provide to become a bidder?

Watching at an auction can be fun.  Bidding in an auction can be exhilarating.   Just remember that in order to bid, you first need a bidder number.  We ask bidders to register for each auction.  If you are attending for the first time, simply come to the registration desk.  You will be asked to present your driver’s license (or other photo id), provide a phone number, and let us know if you have a tax exemption.  Our registration clerk will provide you with a bidder number for the current auction.  Online bidders are prompted to provide the same information.  Rest assured that Valley Auctions, LLC will NEVER sell your contact information. 


Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you are bidding in person and are not tax exempt you will have to pay sales tax (5.3%).  Online bidders whose purchases will be shipped across the Virginia state line, as well as those who are tax exempt, do not have to pay sales tax.  Different laws may apply to some items, such as vehicles and farm equipment.  If you are in doubt, please ask and we will be happy to let you know what, if any taxes, may apply to your purchase. 


What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A “Buyer’s Premium” is a percentage that is added to the hammer price of items sold at auction. A different percentage may be charged depending on the type of auction. The buyer’s premium percentage will always be clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions of each auction.


What are the Terms and Conditions for your auctions?

The “Terms and Conditions” for each auction may vary from sale to sale. The Terms and Conditions will state important information bidders should know such as the Buyers Premium percentage and requirements for the removal of goods. It will also list the date & time of the auction and the preview(s) available.


What does the term “As is, Where is” mean?
This is a legal term which basically means there is no warranty of any kind, what you see is what you get. We make every effort to let our bidders know if there is a condition issue with an item.  Due to the massive volume of merchandise we sell, we do not have time to test or fully inspect all items.  It is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility to inspect items before making a bid.  We are happy to provide a condition report on any item if requested within a reasonable time frame, but it does not serve as a guarantee. 


If I live outside the United States can I still bid on items?
Yes! We are excited to see the growing number of international bidders. Some restrictions do apply, for example it is not lawful to ship ivory and game animals out of the country. There are also multiple regulations regarding firearms.  If you are uncertain about the laws, please check with us before you bid. 


Are all auctions open to the Public?
All of our auctions that we publicly advertise are open to the general public. We do offer a “Private Auction” service to estates under special circumstances. This option is usually used to avoid family disagreements during the estate personal property dispersal process. 


Do you ship items?
Sometimes. We are not professional shippers and prefer to leave it to the professionals. If your item is easy to ship and unlikely to be broken, then we are happy to help. For online bidders we provide a list of local shippers with whom we routinely work. We highly recommend any interested bidder to get a shipping quote before they bid. Special shipping terms apply for firearms.


Can I visit your facility?
Sure! We are happy to have visitors anytime. If you let us know in advance of your arrival we can schedule someone to show you around. At any given point in time we have six to ten auctions in various stages of progression, which can lead our space to appear crowded or cluttered. For the best viewing, please consider visiting us close to a auction date. 


How do I sell something?
Simply give us a call or email us at info@valleyauctionsllc.com Photos of items are very helpful in this process, but not required. Sometimes an email is insufficient for the assessment of an item, if this is the case we can arrange a free consultation at your home. 


What do you charge to sell something?
Our rates vary because every estate is unique.  We are happy to provide a free consultation where all questions can be addressed.


Can I put a Minimum or Reserve on my items?
Yes, you can place a reserve on certain items. In many cases a reserve can be detrimental to the selling process and to final results. An “Absolute” (without reserve) auction will always garner more attention, more excitement, and more bidders. More bidders equals more competition and more competition equals higher sales. We can advise you in which circumstances it may be advantageous to have a reserve and when it may be better to avoid setting one. 


Are there things you do not sell?
While we try to help everyone, both our time and square footage are limited.  An item must have sufficient value to justify all the costs associated with selling it.  If you have something specific in mind feel free to give us a call and we can discuss it. 


Can I drop things off to be sold anytime?
We will not accept items unless you have previously scheduled a time to meet with a staff member. 


Do you pick items up?
We are happy to pick up a single item or an entire estate.  We have the experience, expertise and credentials to transport anything including firearms, antiques, fine art, art glass, pottery, etc. 


How far will you travel to do an auction?
We primarily assist the Mid Atlantic region, but have traveled as far west as the Mississippi River, north to New York, and as far south as Florida for special estates. If the arrangement is mutually beneficial, then we are willing to make the logistics work. 


Do you sell estates “On Site” at the house?
We are completely mobile; our office is wherever we need it to be.  We urge you to consider the benefits of selling at our facility: security, marketing, environment mitigation, etc.  However, there are situations where estates are better suited to be sold where they are currently located.  We are happy to discuss the pros and cons associated with either option. 

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